P2P Tunnel

P2P Tunnel (Peer 2 Peer Tunnel) provides TCP communication channels for Peer-to-Peer applications.
Users want and need to use Internet in a secure way. That’s why there are firewalls, NATs and proxies installed on many places all over the Internet. This increased security avoids Peer-to-Peer applications to establish direct Peer-to-Peer channels and to transfer data efficiently. P2P applications like Instant Messengers, file sharing applications, conferencing applications or any other Internet application that needs to transfer data over Internet suffer from the increasing security in the Internet.

P2P Tunnel offers a solution for these kinds of applications without to compromize users security. It provides a stable TCP communication channel that your applications can use to transfer their data. And even more – by redirecting the communication trafic, P2P Tunnel will help you decrease the load of your servers.

P2P Tunnel is available for the most widely spread operating systems – Unix like ones and Windows.

P2P Tunnel is an intelligent self-navigating system. It will provide the appropriate connection according the way the user is connected to the Internet.

How it works?

If you are developing a peer-to-peer application then P2P Tunnel is for you. P2P Tunnel automatically inspects the user’s connection type. When your application needs a Peer-To-Peer TCP channels P2P Tunnel will establish them for you.

P2P Tunnel is used by several companies to build their systems. It has proven it’s quality and efficiency.