UDP over TCP Tunnel

UTT (UDP over TCP Tunnel) is a system that provides transparent UDP communication tunnel over TCP channels. It is appropriate for VoIP applications, Instant Messangers, Audio and Video broadcast in real time. In general – all applications that use UDP communication protocol to transfer data through Internet. UTT was specially designed to create a UDP communication tunnel for machines that are behind firewalls, NATs or proxies that restrict UDP communications.

UTT is appropriate for Internet application developers as well as for service providers whose services rely on UDP communication. Some examples of customers are companies that offer VoIP telephony services.

How it works?

There are different scenarious of work depending on how the both communicating machines are connected to Internet. According to this UTT provides the appropriate kind of connection to ensure safety and successful communication.

If the both sides are directly connected to the Internet, there are no obstacles to exchange the UDP packets, so they don’t need a tunnel to proceed the communication.

If one or both of the sides are behind firewall, NAT or proxy that blocks UDP packets, then the communication between them is impossible. This is when the UTT can help. The UTT Client will establish a TCP communication tunnel between them and take care for the communication process. Users will still be able to use UDP packets and will see no restrictions for the communication.

Like all our products, UTT guarantees your customer’s security and provides the desired quality for your applications.